Pami is the East Jerusalem development company. I made this logo after observing the beautiful arches of the old city. This logo is like a journey inside the old city: Complex yet revealing.

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"Pashtuti" (Pash-too-tee) is a pre-school children dance studio. I had to make something more cheerful and fun that will attract the attention of both the parents and their kids.

Logo for Hana Rubina - one of the first Israeli actresses. a Dramatic and fascinating character in the world of theater. (Part of a school project).

Logo for Magrub - an Oriental Maroccan cousin catering services by the Israeli chef David Toledano.

Logo for a skate shop inspired by graffiti art in Tel Aviv. I was trying to get a 3D illusion, to bring the essence of graffiti to the screen. (Part of a school project).

Logo for a skate shop inspired by Electronic music beats. (Part of a school project).


Logo for a modern art museum inspired by Street art and modern design.

(part of RapidUI templates design)

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