We Leave a Stain

"We leave a stain" is a bundle of four books intended to distill the idea of being  meaningless and insignificant in our world.

The meaning of the sentence "We leave a stain" is our ability to mean something, and our usual lack of ability to notice it.

Guidance: Tamar Bar Dayan

The stories of the geniuses that history has almost forgotten

"The stories of the geniuses that history has almost forgotten" is an article by Shay Elihav telling the story of five inventors whose inventions were significant to our world, but they remain unknown.


"PA'AM" is Nadav Barnea's installation work. 

I have selected one of his stories and, about a woman who talks about her relationship with her Halzheimer sick mother. This story is about the wretchedness of "small people" life and death.

a Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again

"a Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again" is 1977 collection of nonfiction writing by David Foster Wallace.  Wallace describes his one-week cruise in the Caribbean. He is displeased with the professional hospitality industry and the "fun" he should be having and explains how the indulgences of the cruise cause uncomfortable introspection, leading to overwhelming internal despair.

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